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Tischwürze Live gesehen, sofort gehooked worden, Platte gekauft! Favorite track: Sinking Like Stones.
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Recorded live in August 2013 with Basto at High Tide Studios Hennef.


released December 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Notions Münster, Germany

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Track Name: Oh Brother
Oh brother oh brother, oh brother,
what have they done
Our rome was built on sand
Come rip me, go! Go me rip me!
Let’s put this straight!
I won’t fight with tooth and nail

Hey Hey! This is our last breath!
For the worthless, blindless, for
Hey Hey! This is a sentence of
A pack of lies, handshake with a

And if our hearts stop beating,
we’ve got thousands in the bag
And if our lungs stop breathing,
we’ll give everything back!

You can’t be free in a world in
chains, life shifts at every hand
Dig 6 feet deep in the ground
Down so down, the death is alive
Down so down with no head up
Dig deeper till youre down


The moment when you realize that everything
comes to an end. People are divided in groups;
after all we aren’t all the same. The ones that are
down carry the ones above. The game has to be
played fair and handshakes and agreements have
to be made with a look in the eyes and not with a
Is our Rome built on sand?
Track Name: Hang ´Em High
Showdown at twelve in the middle
of the street
sand, blood and dust is all that
you need
sell me, break me, hang me high
we’re the ones that came to die

Tongues are screaming – hang em
As my wounds are bleeding dry
I’ve got everything to loose
not allowed to prove
What I am, What it is, not allowed
to exist

This life, more than a risk

I show you my rifle
You show me your head
an one way ticket
To the land of the dead
Travel these paths
And become insane
As a piece of metal
Marks your brain

Look at the others if you see them
blame everyone else when you
can’t reach the crown
change the world if you like to lose
cope with the end, hell comes soon


Entertainment is opium for the masses; blinded by a
fake world. We love to see “people” who are not
like us, dull, foolish, make mistakes. Amuse our
self to see how great we are and how clever we
are. People celebrated the burning of witches,
hanging of people, or faked television.
But who wants to change the world, if you like to
Track Name: Sinking Like Stones
We had it all in our hands
But lost everything again
We’re right crashing through walls
And sinking like stones

You’ve got to carry this burden
And the weight of the world
Obey to the grave and stumble to
This life without lust – no lust
without life
Words written in dust – no one you
can trust
Misguided, Mislead – everything’s
good as long as you´re cheated

This smell of death will hunt you
It will bring the grief, the flesh and
From the cradle to the grave –
from day to day
From the Black Mass to the
blackest black – from night to
Decay as you grow up – with the
dreams that you just got


We have the chance to avoid social injustice. We
have the power, technology, people with brilliant
ideas. But history seems to repeat itself. We’re
the only species on earth that kills and slaughters each others for no reasonable purpose. We
don’t learn, we think that we do, but we just go
straight ahead with eyes closed and tell ourselves
that everything is good.
We are sinking like stones
Track Name: Vultures
No change – Just games
No heroes – Just liars
No leaders – Just dolls
No value – just worth

You jeopardize what we´ve built in
You destroy what we create
Who are you? And what are you?
With open eyes into the vultures
Rip out my eyes, do I really need
Tales of a broken man, who reads

Rip out my eyes

We’re the first, we’re the end
This masquerade ball will be your
You danced on wet cement
There’s nothing you can wash
And this hungry and selfish breed
Won’t grow if they lose their
Traitor! Judas! They got the might,
they won’t give it up
This can’t be real, this won’t work,
stick to what you’ve been told
Walk the line, just follow gold!


Games are played at the stock exchanges.
Brokers, banks, the vultures are gambling with
food, with futures, with lifes. The price others have to pay for the wealth of a few is scarcity,
hunger, unemployment, poverty. In the end its always the banks that will be rescued instead of the people.
Are we yet the broken men nobody wants to
listen to?
Track Name: Nail My Hands
My heads about to break
Lost 30 years within a day
Crawling home, just a place
As my whole memories break
All this chaos in the streets
One last sign we believed
Act of violence they’ll say
Our way, nothing to achieve
Take me back for just one

And you can stick to all you’ve got
And forget all you’ve forgot
Hold on to what you see
And trust someone you don’t believe
Stay in line and wash your brain
Follow a path without an end
Pull your sleeve back, start to work
Follow, you night Or a second I will preach
To a moment I was in line
To a moment I was bright
After all we could have known
After all now we have seen
That this illusion, just a dream
But this dream is just a dream

Nail my hands into the ground
Let me pay for all your sins
Smash my head into this wall
Take me back to where I belong!

They whisper, don’t you hear
Demons tongue and the devils voice
You’ve got no other choice
This life - a place - obey

Nail my hands into the ground
Let me pay for all your sins
Smash my head into this wall
Take me back to where I belong!


Riots in Egypt, Greece, Turkey, the list goes on.
An increasing number of people protestesing to
protect and reclaim their rights. Riots arise,
citizens who just want to live free are tortured,
oppressed and shot down to maintain the might
of the governments. People go out into the streets
and feel what they are worth: believes are hit
with legal law, dreams and hopes are smashed
with gas, and their world view gets destroyed
within a second.
This is your life. This is your place. who do you